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Hybrid events - what event managers should consider

A hybrid event is a combination of virtual and physical events. At hybrid events, certain participants attend the physical event at a venue, while other participants dial in to the event virtually at the same time. The reason for choosing this type of event is usually a capacity restriction for the physical event and demand exceeding the number of available seats on site.

December 12, 2022
5 min
Eine Frau wird an einem hybriden Event gefilmt
Marc Blindenbacher
Eine Frau wird an einem hybriden Event gefilmt

Advantages of hybrid events

• Virtual delivery increases the reach of the event and allows participants to take part without having to travel

• Recorded content can be made available live or on-demand to both virtual and physical participants (also for a fee)

• The often high costs for on-site implementation can be reduced due to the limited number of participants

• Limited availability gives on-site participation a higher, exclusive status

• Location-independent participation is also possible for speakers

The aim of hybrid implementation is therefore to cleverly combine the advantages of the virtual and physical worlds in order to exploit the full potential of an event. At the same time, however, the special features of hybrid events present event managers with new challenges.

How do I design the content for a hybrid event so that it convinces the audience both virtually and physically?

Different approaches are feasible depending on the aim of the event. If the formal part of a physical event lasts longer than 90 minutes, it should be borne in mind that this duration is usually too long for virtual participation. In such a case, it is advisable to broadcast a shortened part live for virtual participation and to make selected content available afterwards. Both groups of participants should also be actively involved during the live event.

How do I create individual user journeys for on-site visitors and virtual participants?

From the invitation and registration to access to the event and follow-up communication, individual user journeys must be designed for both participant groups. Ideally, the user journeys are based on the overarching event objectives and are then tailored to the individual needs of the different forms of participation. For example, while smooth admission without waiting times is important for on-site visitors, uncomplicated online access is desirable for virtual participants.

As an event manager, how do I keep track of who is attending physically and who is attending virtually?

In order to keep track of all registrations, a solution is needed that:

• allows setting capacities

• allows different participation options

• enables the creation of target and authorization groups

• covers physical and virtual check-in

It is also advantageous if the hybrid event can be handled within a single solution so that there are no interruptions or confusion for user guidance from registration to participation.

Which platform or technology do I use for virtual implementation?

The goals you want to achieve with the event depend on whether the virtual part is to be held as a video conference with mutual communication options or as a live webcast.‍

The advantages mentioned above suggest that hybrid event formats should be an integral part of every event manager's planning for events with high demand. Combining the emotionality of a live event with virtual reach offers a highly exciting starting point for achieving event goals. However, the greater complexity associated with this should not be underestimated and should ideally be covered by a suitable event software solution such as Oniva.‍

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