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Event registration hacks - generate more event registrations with these tricks

Organizing and running events can be a big challenge, especially when it comes to maximizing the number of event registrations. However, with the targeted application of psychological techniques, you can significantly increase interest and registration rates. In this blog post, we present seven effective methods from the field of behavioral psychology: Social Proof, Scarcity, Reciprocity, Commitment, Liking and Authority.

May 20, 2024
4 min
Event with euphoric crowd
Marc Blindenbacher
Event with euphoric crowd

1. Social proof

People tend to orient themselves by the behavior of others. Use social proof by displaying the already registered participants as a guest list on your event website. Make sure that you obtain the consent of the participants before publishing them.

You can also display testimonials and experience reports from previous participants. Highlight the participation of important or prominent guests attending your event. Notes with statistics such as "Over 1,000 registrations in the first 7 days" can also be very effective.

2. Scarcity

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a strong incentive.Create a sense of scarcity by limiting places for your event or offering early bird discounts for paid events.Ideally, you should use an event solution such as Oniva, where you can display the available seats in real time on the event website. Phrases such as "Only 10 tickets left!" or "Early bird tickets only until the end of the week!" can encourage potential participants to register more quickly.

3. Reciprocity

The principle of reciprocity states that people feel obliged to return a favor. Offer your potential attendees something of value, such as a giveaway, a free e-book download or an exclusive webinar or on-site meeting, if they register early for your event.This gift can motivate your target group to show their appreciation by registering for the event.


4. Commitment

Once people have committed to something, they are more likely to stick with it. Take advantage of this by offering potential participants small, non-binding steps leading up to the actual registration.A classic way to do this is to send out a "save-the-date". This creates an initial bond. Another option is to enable a kind of "early bird" registration, where interested parties register for updates and are later invited to make a final registration.


5. Liking

People are more likely to be convinced by people they like. Build a relationship with your audience by being authentic and approachable about you and your event organization. Use social media to introduce yourself and your team, share personal backgrounds on event planning and interact directly with your potential attendees.


6. Authority

Authority and credibility are crucial for creating trust. Show the expertise of your organization or speakers. Use certificates, awards and other evidence to emphasize your expertise. Having renowned experts or celebrities attend your event will also strengthen the perception of your event.


7. Combine the methods for maximum impact

The real strength of these methods lies in their combination. For example, use social proof and scarcity together by linking testimonials with statements such as "Places are booking up fast!". Or combine Reciprocity and Commitment by offering a free e-book and asking prospects to sign up for updates.

By strategically applying these seven principles, you can not only increase interest in your event, but also increase the number of registrations. Remember that people can react strongly to these psychological triggers and use this skillfully to your advantage.

Good luck at the next event!

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